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Test and Keep FIFA16 for FREE!
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Product Testing need game testers to rate and review FIFA16 for PS4 or Xbox One.

If selected as our tester, you'll get to review and KEEP the game for FREE!

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Game reviews from our members

"First of all, I'd like to thank ProductTesting.uk.com for picking me for the £50 Game voucher. I planned to buy the Wolfenstein for the Xbox One. I would recommend this to someone that likes a fast action game, but the only disappointment about the game is that you cannot play it on online" Marc from Wales

"I visited the Game store is Northwich Town Centre at 12:30pm on 2nd June 2014. I purchased the game “Watchdogs” for PlayStation 3 with my gift card. My overall thoughts on the game is that it’s a very well thought about game" Karl from Cheshire

All reviews get entered into a monthly draw - the review that receives the most Facebook shares will win a £25 voucher.


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Anybody aged 18 years and over and residing in the UK may take part.

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Why must I answer all of the questions in the survey to qualify?

In order to qualify for the product testing opportunity we need to understand a little about you, your lifestyle and interests.

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The registration and the completion of the survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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When you register we ask for detailed contact information, if you are selected to test products we will then contact you via email or phone number you've entered during registration.

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