Test & Keep the iPad Air 2!

Test & Keep the iPad Air 2!

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Get your hands on the iPad Air 2!

Have your chance to test out one of Apple's latest releases.

iPad Air 2 Specifications:

  • 18% thinner than the iPad Air 1
  • 9.7 inch display
  • More powerful with a A8X chip
  • Touch ID technology
  • New iSight camera

So What Happens Now?

Register and if you are selected, you will be sent a brand new iPad Air 2 to review and keep for free!

  • Click 'Sign Up' and then complete all of the questions within the survey.
  • If you are selected to be a product tester, you will be sent a free iPad Air 2 to test and keep.
  • Send us your review for the iPad Air 2
  • Your review will then be published in our Review Room which displays all our reviews.
  • Reviewers are selected at random every week and if selected, you will be contacted via phone or email.

Reviews from our members

"The iPad is very easy to set up, especially if you already own an iPhone or a Mac, as it transfers your internet passwords through my iCloud account. The camera has great quality on both the back and front cameras, which is great for FaceTime or Skype. So overall, I do love the iPad. Handoff was unreliable, and I would probably like a little more space to store my music (upgrading to 4 times as much space is only £80 more!), but the rest of the iPad makes up for it - essentially you are buying a beautiful, big, bright screen with a suite of fantastic apps for both leisure and business" Sarah from London

All reviews get entered into a monthly draw - the review that receives the most Facebook shares will win a £25 voucher.


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Anybody aged 18 years and over and residing in the UK may take part.

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Why must I answer all of the questions in the survey to qualify?

In order to qualify for the product testing opportunity we need to understand a little about you, your lifestyle and interests.

How long will the survey take to complete?

The registration and the completion of the survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

How will I know I've been selected to test products?

When you register we ask for detailed contact information, if you are selected to test products we will then contact you via email or phone number you've entered during registration.

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