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Nando’s Mystery Diner Review

Here is Leanne’s fab review of her Nando’s mystery shopping experience:

“Hi, I attended Nando’s at the Silverlink today for lunch….myself my partner and son. The kids meals were great value for money and my son loved it. We ordered the meal platter of a full chicken with sides of chips and coleslaw and unlimited soft drinks. While the food was delicious I didn’t think the portions sizes were reflected in the price. I was disappointed there wasn’t a separate lunch menu offering a more value for money meal. The staff were very polite and explained the menu to us in great detail. I would have preferred a more professional uniform as staff wore jeans and trainers, the prices reflect a more up market dining but the uniform however doesn’t. The restaurant was clean and well kept toilets were clean and there was also a wide range of sauces to choose from. I would have also expected to have been brought my cutlery to the table. It felt relaxed but it was expensive for what u got”

Leanne Chapman


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Nando’s Mystery Diner Review

Here is Matthew’s review of his Nando’s mystery dining experience:

“First of all a big thank you to Product Testing for choosing me to participate as a mystery diner! I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the free food!

I chose to visit the Nando’s in Southport. I had not booked prior to the meal so I just turned up unannounced and hoped for the best (especially seeing as I went on a Saturday at the busiest time possible). However, even though the restaurant was very busy, we were able to chose where we would like to sit and the staff we incredibly accommodating to our request. We sat at a table about 30 seconds after entering Nando’s. Once seated we looked at the menu which had a lot of excellent options to chose from, and options to suit all manner of tastes and spice tolerance level (or should i say pain tolerance level). Surprisingly, there was no queue to order so our order was taken straight away. The person who served us was very efficient and made no mistakes in the order, I found it very simple to order the meal. With it being Saturday and the restaurant being very busy, my wife and I settled in for what we thought would be a long wait for food, but, 20 minutes later, our order arrived and was presented well and looked awesome! I expected a good meal (you’re not just busy if your food is poor), but the standard of the food was incredible! The different range of sauces made it possible to customise your meal to whatever taste that you wanted. I had the butterfly lemon and herb chicken with chips and garlic bread and I am truly full up! The service team asked us a few times if everything was ok with the meal which it was more than ok! Our plates were cleared quickly after we had finished (no-one wants to sit around talking while staring at empty, dirty plates). The experience, staff, and food were of the highest quality and I will be going back time and time again, in fact, when i go back I will probably be taking more and more people with me, I have to, no, NEED to, tell as many people as I can.

Thank you again for the chance to have this amazing food and experience”

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Nandos Mystery Diner Review

Here is Rebecca’s review of her Nandos Mystery Dining experience:

“On Saturday 7th June, I visited Nando’s at The Venue, Cribbs Causeway in Bristol, for a meal with my husband.

We were particularly keen to visit this restaurant as we had not been before, so the following review is an honest account of our time there.

Parking outside the restaurant was easy, plenty of spaces in walking distance, and the entrance /doorway was open making it inviting. When we entered Nando’s, there were three servers by the ‘waiting area’. We were immediately greeted with a smile by ‘Agnes’ and told that there was a two minute wait and invited to sit on the nearby ‘tree stump seats’ to peruse the menu.  Approximately two minutes later she returned for us and took us to our table. She asked us if we had been to a Nando’s before and when we replied no, she told us about the different flavours of the peri peri sauce chicken and how to order at the bar.

When we decided what to eat, I went up to the bar to order. There was one customer before me so I had to wait one minute but the cool, funky music kept me entertained. I was served promptly by Aniela, she took the voucher no problem and I paid the extra. I ordered the food at 8.32pm.

The drinks came straight after the order was paid for.  Amazing really considering the restaurant was incredibly busy. The food arrived at 8.48pm. 16 minutes was in our opinion a speedy service. Both plates of food looked appealing – one meal was butterfly chicken with lemon and herb sauce with chips and coleslaw, and the other was a half chicken medium sauce with spicy rice and coleslaw. The strength of the sauces were both as advertised in the menu and were incredibly tasty.  The meal was served on a standard size plate with the coleslaw and chips/rice served in separate dishes also on the same plate.

We did not have a dessert as we were full after our meal; however the dessert menu was rather appealing! Next time…

We were very impressed with the service. The staff were happy, helpful and speedy. We were asked during our meal if it was enjoyable and reminded that drinks were re-fillable if we require them to be.

The food was delicious. There was a large condiment section, so if you wanted to try another sauce, it was possible.  This, we thought was great, as it gives you an idea of which sauce to order next time.

Incidentally we witnessed two tables nearby taking home a ‘doggy bag’ of unfinished food. The waiter seemed more than happy to provide this service for them.

The restaurant was very clean and tidy, tables were cleaned as soon as they were vacated and considering it was a warm night, the restaurant was also cool and comfortable.

Yes I would definitely recommend this restaurant to a friend. We will definitely return”

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Nandos Mystery Diner Review

Here is David’s review of his Nandos Mystery Dining experience:

“Hi, here is my ProductTesting.uk.com review for Nandos. I’ve also included 3 photos. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review Nandos, I enjoyed doing the review and would certainly do more reviews for other products as well.

I’ve been to many restaurants over the years, but have never visited Nandos - the branch I visited with my fiancee was Nandos at the Barbican Leisure Complex in Plymouth.

I visited about 6 pm.  There was a waitress waiting by the reservation desk and she seated us straight away.

The waitress showed and explained the menu, also saying that we needed to say if we wanted the medium/hot varieties of the chicken when ordering.

When I ordered the food at the counter I didn’t have to wait long as there were a couple of people taking orders at the counter.

The staff were very helpful and friendly and did a great job, there was only 1 slight negative, after we finished our main course the waitress asked if we wanted dessert, we said yes and would give us a couple of minutes to decide and then come back and take our order, however, after about 10 minutes the waitress still hadn’t returned so I decided to go to the counter and order desert.

After placing our order, the food was very quick in arriving, certainly a lot quicker than most restaurants I’ve dined in.

My fiancee ordered red pepper dip for starters, which was slightly spicy. There was plenty of pita bread with the starter and she enjoyed it.  I ordered garlic bread which tasted fine, although it looked a little underwhelming on the plate, perhaps a small side dish to dip the bread in would have helped.

For mains we both had the Butterfly Chicken breast, my sides included corn on the cob and creamy Mash, my fiancee’s sides were corn on the cob and sweet mash.

The chicken breast was large,  thick and succulent which we had with hot Peri Peri sauce. The sauce was delicious, the spicy hotness was perfect for both of us.

The corn on the cob was also good - it also came with a couple of holders for the ends of the cobs.  My creamy mash came in a side dish, again the mash tasted excellent, but I would have preferred the mash directly on my plate as the plate looked a little bare with just the chicken and corn on the cob on it.

For dessert we ordered chocolate cheesecake with cream and gooey caramel cheesecake.  Whilst the cheesecake tasted excellent with the cream, I feel it did need the cream as it wasn’t soft enough without it.  She felt the gooey caramel cheesecake wasn’t gooey enough, but still enjoyed it.

Overall, the service was excellent, very quick to clear our table after each course.

I certainly enjoyed the food at Nandos and would highly recommend Nandos to friends and will certainly go again”

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Nando’s Mystery Diner Review

Here is Scott’s review of his Nando’s Mystery Dining experience:

“We went to Nando’s in Braehead Glasgow. When we arrived we were seated straight away without a problem.

I had my 4 children with me and was asked if I would like the kids menu for the kids to choose from. The waitress told me what to do when I was ready to order my food. When we went to order our food we were served straight away which was good and the staff taking the order where very friendly and helpful.

Within 5 minutes of ordering, our food arrived. We ordered the wings roulette which u can use the Nando’s app to play a game with the kids and see who is unlucky to find the hottest wings which was fun and kids enjoyed it.

After we finished the wings, the staff then cleared the table and the kids went up for more juice as the juice is unlimited with your meal which is good because of the spiciness of the wings. The staff then brought out main course which was the jumbo platter which consisted of 2 whole chickens and 5 large sides. We didn’t order a dessert which was just as well as we were stuffed.

Overall, our Nando’s experience was good and so was the service and staff. The food was good as well and I would highly recommend Nando’s Braehead to a friend and will be returning myself in future”

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Beefeater Mystery Diner Review

Here is Jenny’s review of her Beefeater Mystery Dining experience. I believe that she has been our fastest reviewer yet, with receiving the vouchers on Saturday and sending us her review Sunday!

“I was very fortunate to be selected to become a Mystery Diner for Beefeater.

My husband and I first of all telephoned our local beefeater in Stevenage.  They were very unhelpful.  My husband had to ask for what times they had available for us to sit down for dinner. His expression was pulling teeth.

We then called the Luton Beefeater.  A completely different experience.  They were so helpful and booked us in without trouble. We arrived early and on first view, the Beefeater looked welcoming.  We headed to the bar and had a drink from the bar. I like a medium sweet white wine and so the bar man advised a choice of two.  It was very nice and so I decided I would have a bottle of this wine with my dinner.

We were seated five minutes early for our dinner which was nice.  There are two levels to the Beefeater and we were upstairs.  We were next to a large window with lots of natural light.  It was nice, especially as it was about 7pm.  We were directed to the wine list by the hostess and I advised of the wine I’d had at the bar.  This wasn’t on the wine menu, however I was very impressed as they went to the bar and found the wine I wanted.  It did take 15 minutes for this to be done and a second waitress to chase up the order, but I got what I had wanted.

Our waitress was a young trainee called Katy, She was very nice, although you could tell she was new as she didn’t ask my husband if he would like a sauce with his steak.

We had starters that came out as described.  I had breaded deep fried mushrooms with a BBQ and herb dip.  My husband had loaded potato skins.  Both very nice, very hot on arriving at the table.

For main, I had the chicken and maple ribs, these came with a salad and skinny chips.  Our waitress took on board that I am highly allergic to carrots and made sure that the salad would be prepared separately.  This is one of the few places that hasn’t questioned my allergy and treated it with the serious nature it is.  My food came and it was hot, however not as stated, it arrived with chunky chips.  The waitress was fantastic about this and changed them within moments.  The ribs had plentiful meat and very tasty. The chicken was a little rubbery however I would order it again.

My husband had a fillet of steak with a peppercorn sauce.  He ordered it medium rare and that’s how it came.  For me it would have been a little too bloody, however that was how he’d asked for it and he was extremely happy.  With the steak, he had chips and salad.

My husband is highly allergic to mushrooms and again they were fantastic about this, they made sure that no mushrooms were placed on his plate.

For desert my husband ordered apple pie with custard and ice cream.  This was as expected however be warned the custard is SUPER hot and my husband burnt his fingers on the pot that contained the custard.  It would have been better provided in a pouring cup not a ramekin.

I had the lemon meringue sundae and it was very nice, a little too lemony at the bottom.

Our overall experience was a great night out.  We saw children playing with colouring while they waited for their dinner and the staff went out of their way to engage with customers. The food arrives in a timely fashion and I would recommend this place to a friend and for anyone with allergies as they understand.

Our total spend for the night was £65.00, however this was a ‘luxury’ evening for two.  On a Monday to Thursday after 6.30pm you can choose from a selected menu 2 courses for £12.79 or three courses for £14.79 a good choice.

Thank you for selecting me to review this and I very much look forward to the next one”

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TGI Friday’s Secret Diner Review

Christopher was selected as our Secret Diner for TGI Friday’s! Here is his review:

1. We visited TGI Fridays at Cheshire Oaks.

2. We did not book prior to going. I had attempted to use the online service five days prior but all the slots had been taken. I was informed on the website the alternative would be to arrive at the restaurant and wait for a table. We chose to do this option instead.

3. The restaurant appeared to be very busy when we arrived. The staff at the front desk were welcoming and explained how long it would be for a table to become free.

4. On arrival we were told we would have to wait 20 minutes for a table. We had a drink at the bar whilst waiting and were seated within 20 minutes.

5. We did not take children

6. We were not made aware of any specials

7. Whilst waiting at the bar before being seated it took 7 minutes for the drinks to be ordered. Once seated the waitress asked within 3 minutes whether we were ready to order. We had not yet made our decision, but she came back quickly 5 minutes later.

8. For our starters it took 22 minutes to arrive at the table. The main course was 18 minutes and the dessert 11 minutes.

9. For our starters we ordered the mozzarella dippers and jack daniels sesame chicken strips. For the main course we ordered the BBQ pulled pork burger and Cajun-spiced chicken quesadilla. Both the starters and main course were what we had expected, based on the description from the menu and our preconceptions.

10. We decided to share a cookies and cream ice cream sundae for dessert. We both enjoyed it, there was a sufficient amount of oreo cookies for both of us, although we did have trouble deciding who would get to eat the chocolate flake. After eating a starter and main course we found it was the perfect size to share. The ice cream was also very tasty and it was presented as we expected in a long tall glass.

11. We tried the ‘Rum Might Say’ cocktail. The bartender stated he had not made this drink before and did require to look in an instruction manual. We did have to wait some time for this to be made. However, when it arrived it had the right balance of fruit juice and alcohol. We would happily drink several more of these. I asked the bartender about creating a drinks tab which could be transferred to our table once seated. He was very helpful and stated he required a debit/credit card to be swiped in the till for this to occur.

12. The service was good overall. The waitress apologised for the slight delay with the starter. Our food order was taken promptly after sitting down. She was very attentive throughout, we did not have to wait more than 3-5 minutes after each course for our table to be cleared. We were asked several times whether we needed extra drinks. One possible suggestion for improvement would be for the staff to introduce themselves when seating us at the table to give an added personal touch.

13. The food was above our expectations. The dipping sauce with the chicken sesame strips was exceptionally good and complemented the dish very well. The mozarella dippers were also excellent and the tomato salsa was another great accompaniment, being not too spicy but flavoursome. Both starters were off the correct portion size and left enough room for further courses. The BBQ pulled pork burger was very tasty, being able to identify all of the individual ingredients and it was served in a very nice brioche bun. The cajun chicken quesadilla was not too spicy but had the right amount of spices. The only slight criticism is that the rice was a little dry. However, the dish as a whole was excellent. We ordered a side portion of onion rings that were not too greasy and very crispy in texture.

14. I would definitely recommend TGI Fridays to a friend. The staff offered great service and the food was to our expectations. I am sure all of my friends would enjoy their visit as well.

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Chris with poster and vouchers 2mozarella dipperscajun spiced chicken quesadillaonion ringscookies and cream sundaerum might say

Pizza Express Review, Leicester, Friday 10th January

Thank you to Neeta for her Mystery Dine review who visited the High Cross, Leicester based Pizza Express with her husband on Fri 10 Jan, 5 year old son and 8 month old son.

“Upon arrival we were shown to our table straight away.  I had pre-booked the table so they had it ready for us along with the high-chair for my little one.  The waiter was very friendly and polite.  Drinks were offered as soon as we settled down. We were seated in quite a tight corner of the restaurant nearby the open-see kitchen as we had the pushchair.  I feltquite restricted to move around as there were other people already seated there with their kids so once sat I could not have moved freely to attend to my little son. They gave a colouring chart and colour pencils to my older son which kept him busy while we looked at the menu.

They had an in-house offer of 3 course meal for £13.95 (mon-fri), which my husband went for and you could order any starter, mains(excluding some dishes) and dessert-so we ordered dough-balls, Lorraine pizza and hot chocolate fudge cake for my husband.  The kids menu was superb… £6.50 for starters, mains, dessert and they also offer a frothy hot milk with chocolate sprinklers with the kids menu.  So for my son we ordered dough-balls which came with salad, Pepperoni Pizza and hot chocolate fudge cake which was the right size (cup cake size) for kids.  And for myself…I went a-la carte..Grande Chicken Caesar Salad, Calabrese Pizza..no desserts as I was very full at the end of it as the Calabrese pizza (rectangular) was huge!

As the food started to arrive there was a slight confusion as I’m pretty sure I gave out the order for a “Grande” Chicken Caesar Salad, but when my salad arrived there was no chicken on it and it dish didn’t look so Grande…so when we advised the waiter about the order he thought I ordered a normal side salad but was quick to take it back and re-order it.  However, that was soon followed by the manageress who came to our table to understand the nature of our order which we found quite embarrassing! We told her that we were going for the £13.95 deal for my husband and a-la carte for myself. I didn’t like this as there was a turn of heads from the other people nearby and it was slightly embarrassing.  I am not sure what was so difficult to understand.
When finally all the food arrived (including my correct Caesar salad), it was all very delicious and I was very very happy with the kids portions and their menu.  My son loved it.  The pizzas were very tasty and the hot chocolate fudge cake was just divine.  The Calabrese Pizza was just awesome in taste and look! Including the drinks our bill came upto £49.36 and I felt that if there wasn’t the offer it can be quite pricey for a family of four where an average pizza costs near about a tenner.  If it wasn’t for the offer then I wouldn’t consider going to Pizza Express as for a family like ours who are big eaters an evening meal can become quite pricey considering my little one hasn’t even started eating yet…hahaha!
All in all the food I cannot complain with as it was delicious, well presented, and hence resembles the price… but we were still hungry and could’ve ordered more but then again it would’ve got even more pricier!  The service was ok – although a bit embarrassing, which we still don’t understand what was so hard to understand in our order, but anyway the best thing was the kids menu which was well thought and priced.

Thankyou Product Testing Team for giving me the opportunity to be your secret diner.  Just also wanted to add that when I gave the voucher to pay along with my card, I had another visit from the manageress who wasn’t sure about accepting it.  She asked me if I had used it before at Pizza Express and I said yes I have and that she could check the website address on the voucher which states it can be used there.  Even though we had paid double the voucher amount we felt that they were watching over us all the time.  Not good!”

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Nandos Review

I was so happy that I won this voucher from Product Testing, it was out of the
blue. I decided to take myself, my daughter & son as a Christmas treat to
Nando’s. We had a fantastic meal together with fantastic service. What more
could I ask for. The staff came over to make sure everything was to our
satisfaction. I was so pleased. Thank you so much,. xx”

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Joanne - picture Joanne -picture2

Pizza Express Review, Manchester, Monday 6th January

I went to Pizza Express Corn Exchange Manchester on Monday 6th January for lunch, with my husband. We were shown to a table very quickly, our waitress was polite and very helpful, no request was to small. Drinks were offered as soon as we sat down. The restaurant was clean, well presented and the atmosphere was pleasant.

My husband and I both had a starter the Bruschetta Con Funghi, tasted very nice but few mushrooms in it. Main course was a pizza for my husband, he said was full of flavour but again lacked quantity of topping. I had the Calzone Salami e Salsiccia, tasted lovely and for me was enough.
We enjoyed the food and for a lunch was adequate, for a evening out I would have wanted more but that would have added to the bill and at £39 for 2 starters, 2 mains and 2 drinks, I feel was enough to spend. For a family of 4, it turns into an expensive night out.
Thanks Maggie
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