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Sainsbury’s Petrol Mystery Shopper Review

Here is Liam’s review of his Sainsbury’s Petrol Mystery Shopper experience:

“Sainsbury’s petrol station located in Rugby, Dunchurch Road, Warwickshire.

Sainsbury’s is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the UK.

On the afternoon of the testing there was at a nice flow of cars coming in and out of the garage giving me lots of room, so it did not take me long to fill up. I filled up with £50 worth of petrol that’s all my little mini needed, the pumps are quite new so it took me around 5 minutes for me to completely fill up my tank, about 39.400L not bad for 126.9.

Makes sense looking for the best deal around like you might do for bread or milk.


Monday 6:30 am – 11:30 pm
Tuesday 6:30 am – 11:30 pm
Wednesday 6:30 am – 11:30 pm
Thursday 6:30 am – 11:30 pm
Friday 6:30 am – 11:30 pm
Saturday 6:30 am – 10:30 pm
Sunday 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

So even in the morning with opening hours as early as 6.30am and as late as 11.30pm its quite hassle free to fill up.

There were gloves available but as I was in a rush and so did not see the necessity of using them.

The petrol station was quite clean but with the time it took to fill up I thought it was in need of more bins to place rubbish in.

There was no queue, as I went in to pay I got served straight away on getting my petrol.

I thought the customer service was quite friendly, but could be more enthusiastic in their responses to the customer when paying! It felt quite robotic.

The garage does sell everything you would expect, all neat and tidy on new shelves with the correct merchandising 3 for 2 etc. etc., I quite liked the selection of chocolate they had on offer! Always a must have on any car journey.

At the moment I would say that it is the cheapest petrol in town at 126.9 most others are around 129.9 its only a couple of pence less but it does make a difference, with that in mind I will make the journey to Sainsbury’s to fill up in future.

Sainsbury’s petrol seems to last longer than any of its competitors, even on a half tank.

Overall it was a good experience and one that I will continue use in the future.

Thank you Sainsbury’s

And thank you for the voucher and opportunity, I will be recommending you to all my friends and work colleagues”

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John Landells Sainburys Petrol Review

Recently, I was pleased to be selected to be a mystery shopper for for Sainburys Petrol. At my earliest opportunity after receiving the vouchers, I visited my local Sainsburys in West Swindon to make the purchase.

One of the challenges at this location is that the car park has quite a bit of hedging which restricts the view for people leaving the car park at the roundabout c

lose to the petrol forecourt. On the day that I visited, this led to me almost having an accident when someone pulled out in front of me without looking properly. If the hedges weren’t there or if they were cut lower, I believe the other driver would have had more chance to see me approaching.On entering the forecourt, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there wasn’t a queue. Given that this was a Saturday morning and there were plenty of cars passing through the garage, this is a good reflection that the number of pumps as well as the layout seem to be working well. I noticed that where most garages have 2 pumps per lane, this one has 3, with 2 of the lanes designated as “credit card” lanes.At 136.9p per litre, petrol here is certainly amongst the cheapest in the area. Just last week, I paid 145.9p locally elsewhere so I was very pleased with the pricing. However, I should mention that the £70 voucher was sadly not enough to fill my tank!

Stepping into the forecourt shop to pay isn’t a great experience. The shop feels unloved, being a little grubby and untidy. Whilst the staff on the tills weren’t unfriendly, there was definitely a feeling that they’d rather not be there. In particular, the lady who served me got very stressed that she had to scan each of the £10 vouchers that I handed her separately, and made a point of grumbling that she doesn’t understand why “they” need each one scanned like this. When one of them proved difficult to scan, I got the feeling that I’d ruined her day! However, we got there in the end and she was at least polite.

On leaving the forecourt, anyone unfamiliar with the layout should beware of the car wash lanes. As you drive around the rear of the shop following the singes for the exit, it’s all too easy to end. I the car wash, rather than turning hard fit in front of it. This is badly signed and is an area where Sainsburys could easily make a difference.

Overall, the experience was positive and I may be persuaded to change to Sainsburys as my preferred petrol station from now on.

Sainsburys Review

Rosemary Smith’s Sainsburys Petrol Station Review

Thank you to the product testing team for choosing me to be a sainsbury’s mystery shopper and for sending me £70 petrol vouchers.

As i was visiting friends in mansfield i thought i would use the mansfield sainsbury’s.
This was the very first time that i had used a sainsbury’s for fuel as i usually go to morrisons or tesco but i was pleasently surprised by this experience.

This sainsbury’s was 15 miles away from where i live.As i entered the petrol station i noticed there was also a cinema, mcdonailds and an aldi in the same complex.
As i pulled on to the forecourt there was hardly any other vehicles using the petrol station that day so no quing up to use the pumps.

The area around the pumps was clean and very
very tidy. on the petrol pump it gave you the choice to either pay at the pump or inside at the kiosk.Also on the pump it was quite visible the amount per litre for petrol
and deisel.They had 8 pumps so keeping the quing down for motorists.

The cost for a litre of petrol was £1.34 which i thoughtwas quite reasonable as i had previously passed a well known garage that was charging £1.41 per litre.
Asi filled up my petrol tank i was praying that they would except the vouchers as i didn’t have enough cash on me to pay for this fuel.

As i was filling up my petrol tank i glanced around the forecourt and noticed how wide the area was between the pumps and vehicles and how accssessible it was for able bodied peaople as well as less abled people.the entrance and exit to the petrol station was also well thought out when designing this.

Once i had finished filling up my car i walked over to the kiosk to pay. As i entered the kiosk it was well designed inside and had a great selection of products from
newspapers, sandwiches, drinks etc. I cautiously walked over to the cashier and firstly asked if they accepted the vouchers and to my delight they did.

The cashier could certainly see the relief on my face. i found the cashier very friendly and very curteous and was eager to answer any of my questions or querries.
i explained to the cashier that i was a mystery shopper and she agreed to having her photograph taken which was very nice of her. She was also interested in the product testing site so i directed her via Facebook to check it out for herself.

Overall i enjoyed my mystery shopper experience and was really pleased to be chosen.this was my first experience of sainsbury’s and it certainly wont be my last.
many thanks product testing team.

Sainsbury's Petrol Station Review

Liz Edgar’s Sainsburys Petrol Station Review

This is my review on Basingstokes Sainsburys petrol station..First off i would like to say a huge thanks to as like many i didnt think this was real..!! im proof it issorry its a little late but i had to fight for the laptop use..!!

On rcieving my vouchers my nearest Sainsburys petrol station is about 30 miles away..i still wasnt totally convinced i could use them so nervously put £70 of diesel in my car thinking im gonna have to pay for this if these vouchers dont work.!!!

I took some pictures the staff were smiling and chatty to customers it seem friendly ..when i paid for my fuel explaing to the till staff who id recieved the vouchers from.. it was a very plesent transaction..

I don’t feel i can say much more only that now i know where it is i would definatley return ..mant thanks again for this oppurtunitie and i hope to be chosen again for something else as i enjoyed this experence x