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ASDA Mystery Shopper Review

Here is Arthur’s review of his ASDA mystery shopping experience:

“Many thanks for selecting me to be a Mystery Shopper. After the excitement of receiving the vouchers on Wednesday, we set off on Saturday, a beautiful sunny day, to ASDA Superstore in Yeovil, approx. 8 miles from our home.

Asda is set in large grounds with a petrol station and car park, including reserved places for the disabled. Outside is clean and spacious. On approaching the entrance you are meet with a display of flowerpots and rails of clothing by “George” on sale. The trolleys are free. No coins required. Wonderful!

On entering the store, a variety of bread and cakes are on display along with offers of fruit and vegetables. Immediately to the right of the vegetable section is the Pharmacy, with two seats for the weary. On the left is the “George”clothing section and newspaper stand. The vegetable aisle is very wide, with many £1 offers and other offers at further reduced prices. On the right of the aisle is the salad and fruit section and on the left is there is a large variety of vegetables on display. Immediately ahead are the public toilets. It was a very busy morning throughout the supermarket, with staff restocking the shelves. There were very few empty trays when we arrived at 0930. In the cheese section, my wife asked staff member Teresa, what did “Roll-back” mean. She politely explained and then was shown where these offers were located. The fish counter was well stocked with a variety of fish and seafood. A separate area containing offers, for example whole trout for £1 each. All offers were clearly marked individually. You couldn’t miss them. In the canned goods aisle, there were many options, including Asda’s own brands, and these generally were better value then the branded goods. This particularly applied to cheeses and cold meats/pates. The deli counter looked very tempting with olives and speciality cheeses. In the bakery section there were a variety of cakes and breads, baked in-store and other branded items. All good value! The frozen section was clean and open, with items clearly marked, and well presented. At this stage, I inquired from a staff member where I could find black refuse bags, I was promptly taken and shown a large variety.

In general, the supermarket was clean, tidy and uncluttered and staff were always available for any assistance required. Most Check-out positions were busy but fortunately we were able to find one with only another person before us. Cheryl, who was on the till was pleasant and efficient and inquired whether we wanted any help with our packing. We inquired why there was no coffee shop on site, as we would have loved a coffee. She explained that there was a lack of space. We came away very happy with our experience and were impressed with the friendliness and efficiency of the staff”

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ASDA Mystery Shopper

Here is Paul’s review of his ASDA Mystery Shopping experience:

“For my review I chose ASDA over Morrisons for a new experience and unbiased opinion as I am already a regular shopper there. I treated to this no different to any other shopping trip and did an online pretend shop to look for any deals and a rough estimate on the total bill.

I arrived at Hounslow’s 24 hour store situated in the heart of Hounslow using their car park which offers free parking for the first 2 hours to customers spending more than £5. Due to having a baby, with us it was great to have parent and baby parking located close to the entrance. Unfortunately, when wanting to use the chosen trolley for babies they were all dirty. Access to the store from the car park is fantastic with lifts, escalators and a conveyer belt. If you use the conveyer belt or lifts this brings you out into the store directly about a third of the way in but the escalators bring you to the first aisle. When you first enter the store you find on display bakery offers amongst the beginning of the clothing section and a small part of the technical section with TV’s. Before you start your food shopping the aisles consists of toys, home furniture and the audio department. My first question to a member of staff (Viss) was within the fruit and veg section. When on asking where the prepared swede was he did not show me but told me which aisle however a few moments later he handed me a pack as he realised he had some on his stack of trays. Whilst looking in the same section I found many items with today’s best before date under items with later dates on them! Not much of the veg I required had a shelf life of more than 2 days! Throughout the store there are many displays with 100’s of offers with one large wall with a variety of offers which looked very good and attractive. On a few of the items I purchased there were some good deals like getting 3 boxes of cereal for £3 that we have tried before where the Choco snaps are tastier than Kellogg’s. We love our Nutella and there was a great deal making it cheaper than their own brand for the same size jar. Like I mentioned I looked online beforehand for prices and deals and sadly some of the deals that were online were not in store and some items were of higher value. Also on two occasions I could not complete the 2 4 deals due to inadequate stock. I.e. two ambrosia custards for £1.50, they only had one variety available when wanting one of each flavour. I also think Asda are more worried about advertising their offers than actually concentrating on the shoppers overall experience as the shop is very incoherent with many of the items not next to similar products. Some aren’t even next to the same items. I couldn’t find the tray of 15 smart price eggs amongst the other eggs as they were just propped against a pillar a lot further down the store. When close to the front of the store you become more aware of the other services it offers such as a pharmacy, bureau de change and photo department. As I made my way around the store the fresh counter area is full of fresh stock with a rotisserie, fish mongers, cooked meats and pizza’s where you can have one freshly made in front of you with some lovely toppings like chorizo and chilli cheese. I went for a stonebake with garlic and herb base. Chorizo, bacon, mushrooms and pepperoni with a garlic oil on top. Sadly I was put off slightly by the fact the server wearing no gloves, did not wash his hands either after serving the previous customer having touched packaging and sticky labelling. Whilst serving me he was touching other pots and cupboards the other staff was were from the same area causing possible cross contamination with cooked and raw meats. I work with food and beverage at management level and this would not be allowed if I was aware of it! A shame to such a great idea. On the end of my visit after nearly two hours I was pleased to find no queues at the checkouts with only one customer in front of me. I found Amanda at the checkouts friendly and chatty with a witty remark about me being very good and organised in my packing. She was patient with my organised packing after I refused any help with that she offered from the offset. Overall, this was not a bad experience but nor a great one as felt slightly exhausted compared to normal with the extra walking up and down due to not being able to find things as easier as at other retailers. Paul”

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Gavin Murray’s Mystery Shopping Review

Received my £100 ASDA voucher so headed off to my local store in the centre of Biggleswade, managed to get a parking space no problem. Got to the entrance and collected my big trolley, all types where available close to entrance.

Once in the store there was the usual main display of offers and flowers, normal long queue at the Customer Service desk and for early on a Saturday afternoon no newspapers left at all.

So started off in the George Department which was tidy and a couple of members of staff restocking, had a look round the electrical department, however it is very limited.

The rest of the shop was fairly clean, and pretty well stocked however as is normal at this ASDA members of staff on the shopfloor are few and far between to ask about items not on the shelf, so never managed to get everything I was after as didn’t fancy hunting round the store trying to find someone to ask.

The person at the Checkout apologised for the wait, not that there was much of a wait, she offered to help pack which I accepted, as my trolley was pretty full.

So overall a good visit, a few items not available but the store was busy.

Gavin Murrays Asda Review

Carol Allen’s Asda Review

I find when I shop at ASDA Lowestoft that the staff were very helpful, as I am disabled the use of a mobility scooter with a large basket means I can shop independently and when I have finished a porter accompanies me to my car and helps load the shopping into the boot, he then returns the scooter to the trolley point and collects my registration card from customer services for me, this card is swapped for a scooter key. They have a range of different sorts of trolleys in the entrance hall to suit different needs such as child seat trolleys, ones that clip on to wheelchairs etc.

Once in store there is an area of special promotions which changes every few weeks, on this visit it was a large selection of spring cleaning products here at special prices, and with the run up to the sports events this summer there is a range of beers on special offer, they also had offers on the ends of each aisle, along with the ongoing £1 items range.The whole shop is bright and clean and prices clearly displayed with their Roll back prices highlighted in red and yellow, There are plenty of staff who even when busy are polite, pleasant and helpful, if something was missing from the shelves they are happy to check if they have the product in the warehouse, show you were some thing is kept, or reach something of a high shelf.         

Asda has a good range of clothes for all the family, electrical goods, and household items as well as a good quality range of food and drink, their extra special range is an affordable touch of luxury and the in store bakery has lovely bread. Overall shopping at asda is the best experience shopping can be for me, as a disabled person on a tight budget and the savings at Asda help stretch it further but this visit was made even better by using the gift card from product testing.

Asda Review From Roman

When registered first time on, I never thought that I would be choosen to test any products. And what a surprise when I have received a message from them that I have been choosen me as Asda Mystery Shopper and I will receive £100 Asda Shopping Spree Gift Card.

I choosen Asda Stamford Hill Supermarket . Not the biggest Asda as the others, but found my way to spent my £100 :) :):) Store was clean, it was not as busy as usual, staff friendly.

ONCE AGAIN A BIG THANK YOU TO for choosing me and I hope I will get again opourtunity to work together with you .



Asda Review From Roman Jedlovec

Lara Melissa Jefferys Asda Review

I have not shopped at Asda for a couple of years now and was really excited to go shopping there.

we packed the kids into the car and drove to the Asda superstore which is located at monks cross shopping park, york.

we found there was ample parking and this was despite being a busy Saturday afternoon.
The first thing we noticed was a lovely range of garden items located just outside the entrance to the store. many cheap bedding plants and good deals on garden furniture. We grabbed a trolley and headed in to be greeted warmly by Jeff , the in store greeter. From there we preceded to look around the range of non food items on offer thinking to ourselves that the majority of the products were very competitively priced.

We also observed unlike other supermarkets in our area , there seemed to be an abundance of staff. nearly one per isle which we rarely see on our shopping trips to other stores. My husband decided to test the knowledge of some of the staff and would ask for obscure items. If the store had the product we were not only told where to find the product but were shown to the product also , and on one occasion when the member of staff couldn’t locate an item as they didn’t stock it , he gave us some handy advice on where he thought it would be possible to obtain it.

We found a wide range of products stocked which is always nice to be given so many choices. When we had gathered the items we were purchasing we headed to a checkout dreading the usual Saturday wait. The checkouts were busy as expected however a lady was walking along the bays with a sign telling us where there was space at a checkout and this made it easy for us to get our products onto the conveyor belt quickly.
The checkout operator was very friendly asking us if we needed help with our packing and maintaining a cheery banter with us as we packed, we left the shop to another cheery thank you for shopping with us which we thought was very pleasant.

All in all this was a very enjoyable shopping experience and we shall be certainly visiting Asda again in the near future.

The staff clearly go that extra mile to make you feel valued and that’s exactly how we felt.

Lara Melissa Jefferys Asda Review

Elke’s Mystery Shopping ASDA Review

Hey everyone here my Asda review.

In 2002 I moved from Germany to England and the closest supermarket was Asda in Forest Town/ Mansfield. I liked the shopping experience at Asda and it became my main supermarket since. ( Pls excuse if my grammar is not that perfect)

General information:
Asda is the second largest supermarket chain in the UK with a 17% of the grocery market. As well as offering food and drink, clothing and general merchandise, the retailer also provides a range of financial services, sold both in the supermarkets and online.
The company is known for its two famous marketing campaigns; the “Asda price” campaign and the smiley face “rollback” campaign.

The supermarket’s emphasis on low prices – highlighted by its popular no-frills ‘Smart Price’ range – has resulted in it being crowned “Lowest Price Supermarket” by The Grocer magazine for the past 11 year.

Another part of Asda’s online operations is – the retailer’s financial services division. Asda works with big industry names such as Norwich Union, GE Money and Bradford and Bingley to offer customers a range of services including loans, credit cards, savings accounts and a number of insurance products.

My personal experience with Asda in Forest Town Mansfield/ Nottinghamhsire
The store is well organized, clean and tidy, the staff very helpful and friendly and I always find a parking space, because the parking areas are large.
They have 20 disabled parking spaces, witch are easy to access and large enough to give disabled people the comfort they need to park their car.

The shop main entrance is very warm and welcoming, painted in green and white colours with 2 very large double doors on the right and left site. Right now they have flowers, plants and trampolines in front of the shop, which are on special offer. Example: A medium size trampoline with secure surrounding for £99.

They change this products to every season, what I do like.
Before you go to the main shopping area, there is a smaller hall where they have wheel chairs, 1 change converter and a bench, where you can sit and watch the crowed if you like lol.

Sometimes they have special events like charity activities in this hall.
When you enter the main area you find customer service, kiosk and photo shop, Asda Optician and toilettes each as a separate department on the left hand site; pharmacy, café and video store each as a separate department on the left.

The toilettes are very clean, the cafe has great tasty food to reasonable prices and the opticians are very friendly and professional.
I am a customer with Asda Optician for many years and always got treated as a valued customer even I am a NHS customer.

The glasses are brilliant, even the cheaper once.

Now we coming to the main section of the store. Every thing is perfectly sorted into different section from books, magazines, office products, home and garden products, technology like TV’s, laptops, phones and technical accessories to beauty and cleaning products, animal food and accessories, alcohol, frozen food, diary and milk products, meat, fish and bakery products. They have 1 large fresh fish and 2 fresh meat counter.
They bake their own bread in the store, and you can get really warm and fresh bread every single day.

Asda always have something on special offer. and not only in their food section; Buy 1 get 1 free, 3 for 2 or Multi Buy.
Here some off the offers:

Daz 3.4kg
Was £8.98 now £5
Fairy Dishwash & Comfort 3L
Was £6.97 now £3
Glade Sense & Spray
Was £9 now £4
Kleenex Anti-viral tissues
2 for £3
Whiskas 48x100gm
Was £12.29 now £7

Hellmann’s 430ml mayo
2 for £2

Oatso Simple
2 for £3

Asda Own Brand” products are the hit for me. “Most” of them taste really great and the prices are affordable even for people with low incomes.
To give you an example: I personal don’t like Asda own branded baked beans and sweet corns in tins. They are hard like wood lol, and taste strange, But I do love Asda own branded soups and bread and a lot more.

Asda, Forest Town, Mansfield has 6 self service cash out facilities, and a member of staff is always available to help if you have a problem..
I never encountered large queue’s whether at the self service cash out or at the normal till. If a till is closed, Asda open them as soon as they see customers waiting to long to long to be served. The staffs at the till’s are always very friendly and offer to help you with packing.
Over the past few years I recognized that Asda has done a lot to impress customers like me. They started the “ASDA Price Guarantee ” and promised :
If we’re not 10% cheaper on your comparable grocery shopping we’ll give you the difference. Guaranteed!

All what I can see is: they hold their promise and payout the difference as soon as you go to the shop with your printed voucher from their price guarantee web side.
When I was shopping with my £100 test product voucher on Sunday, everything I wanted to buy that day was all available, some on great special offer and I filled my fridge and pantry with great tasty food. I also bought a TV for my Mum that day. I needed information on this TV and a member of staff was straight away at my site, provided me with the info’s I needed and offered me to take the TV to my car. What a great service I thought.
The TV is a a Sharp 32 inch flat screen TV with 2 HDMI 2USB 1 Scart connection , HDTV and Freeview enabled for £197. I am not a TV expert but I thought it was a really good price.

My Mum called me on Sunday night after she have set up the TV and told me the picture, sound, and everything is more than excellent. I am really happy that Asda had this TV for such a great price, because my happy Mum makes me happy too and it is one more reason to shop at Asda in future.

Asda Petrol Station
At Asda in Forest Town you have a large self service petrol station and a car wash.
The prices are based on the most recent prices collated daily by They also working on a mobile phone app that will make it even easier to check all the local fuel prices while you’re on the move. I think that’s great, because I always look out for the cheapest petrol.

I don’t use the car wash myself, but I have heard that it is a good car wash. Wash and dry for £3 was the latest offer.

Asda support charity’s
The Asda Foundation is set up to assist any charity in the UK as well as people and projects who require financial assistance.

1 example is:
The Asda Foundation funds launch of new Tommy’s guide to help support parents with premature babies